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Put Productivity Up Front with Long Reach Lift Truck Attachments

For over 90 years, Long Reach has built custom attachments that offer customers outstanding performance at a great value. Long Reach offers durable and robust forklift attachments specifically designed to fit your handling needs.


Increase productivity, improve safety and reduce damage to pallets, products or facilities with Long Reach lift truck attachments.

Long Reach attachments for paper handling include pivoting arm paper roll clamps, twin or quad pack roll clamps, sliding arm paper roll clamps, all-in-one pulp/paper clamps, and clamps for paper rolls, pulp bales, broke paper, and tissue paper.

If your loads come on pallets, put Long Reach fork positioners, double sideshifters, load stablilizers, fork clamps, rotators, turning fork clamps and single/double pallet handlers on your forklift.

Palletless handling? Add Long Reach push/pulls, push loaders, carton clamps, bar arm clamps, drum clamps and load inverters to your lift truck.

To safely handle general loads or multiple products, Long Reach has drum clamps, turning fork clamps, pallet fork clamps, and rotators.

Our integral carriage lift truck attachments with pivot align or slope piling improve lift truck performance in tight spaces or on uneven ground.

Our Services

Custom Design

Long Reach can create custom lift truck attachments for heavy, difficult loads like concrete pipe, forgings, pipes or poles, chicken coops, or cotton bales.

Parts & Service

We have most parts available to support our products with online repair suppport.

Worldwide Product Support

Our representatives and our network of dealers are factory trained and equipped to provide worldwide inspection, training, maintenance, and repair support.

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