The Allied towing winch has proven itself to be a flawless performer in extreme cold weather conditions. Learn more »


The fireplow is used to clear the ground of flammable material to create a firebreak. The winch is used to move downed trees and to allow the crawler to work on steep hillsides. Learn more »


The WH411Y yarder winch is being used with an excavator as a highly mobile and lower-cost alternative to a tower yarder system. Learn more »


Reliable winches helped the groundbreaking rubber-tired skidder become faster, more nimble and more fuel efficient than its tracked counterpart. Learn more »


The towing winch has proven to be a valuable asset for helping keep mining operations moving despite the physical challenges.Our extreme-duty drum seal option allows the winch to operate in submerged conditions. Learn more »

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Allied Winch

Allied Winch, formerly Hyster winch, is known for getting the job done on worksites around the world. Allied Winch is durable and handles the toughest towing tasks no matter the application, be it forestry, fire plow, mining, oil, gas, pipeline and military applications. Allied Winch offers six different Power Take-Off or PTO Winches and eight different hydraulic winches that work with eight different dozer makes, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere and more.


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Field Service

Allied Winch service representatives stand ready to provide technical support or training as needed, by phone, at our factory, or at your location anywhere in the world. Nobody knows your winch better than the company that built it.

Service Parts

Rely on Allied Winch to supply the genuine parts and kits your winch needs to run day in and day out. Allied Winch is the only source for genuine maintenance kits and service parts developed specifically for your winch.


Don't try to sell that old winch as-is, with no warranty. Send it back to the Allied Winch factory to be rebuilt and restored to its original specifications


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Our History

The Willamette Ersted Company was founded in 1929 in Portland, Oregon and was renamed Hyster around 1934. The name "Hyster" comes from the term "Hoist'er," which loggers once used whenever a load was about to be lifted. The towing winch was one of their first products.

Allied acquired Hyster winches in 1990. We have maintained Hyster's commitment to quality while introducing new, technologically advanced winch models. In response to changing dozer technology, our winch product offering now includes industry leading PTO and hydraulic winches.