Integral Carriages

Increase productivity in difficult surroundings by pivoting, slope piling, sideshifting and fork positioning with a Long Reach integral carriage attachment.

A Long Reach integral carriage maximizes your lift trucks' net capacity, improves visibility and helps negotiate narrow spaces or uneven ground. These durable units are designed to provide extra load-carrying capacity over standard hang-on units. A wide range of widths and capacities are available, generally ranging from 5,500 to 36,000 lbs. Increase productivity in difficult surroundings by pivoting, slope piling, swingshifting, sideshifting and fork positioning. Exclusive Ball-O-Matic design and caged steel heel rollers allow smooth side shift action with heavy loads, even in harsh applications. Heat-treated fork pins are used for their long service life in tough, rugged environments.

Pivot/align carriages swing up to 12 degrees around a vertical axis to position loads at an angle to the direction of truck travel. Pivot/align carriages usually include sideshifting capability and may be equipped with fork positioning.

Slope pilers position loads on uneven surfaces by providing up to 12 degrees of rotation on a horizontal axis. Slope pilers usually include sideshift capability and may have fork positioning too.

Also available are sideshifting and fork positioning carriages, double sideshifting block handlers, multipallet produce handlers, pipe and pole hold downs, false carriages, push loaders, forging clamps, concrete pipe clamps and load stabilizers.

See the brochure for integral carriages.

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  • Forest industries
  • Manufacturing
  • General warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Wide range of widths, capacities and swing amounts available.
  • Heat treated fork pins.
  • User-serviceable precision cylinders.
  • Exclusive Ball-O-Matic sideshifting design carries the vertical load on heavy duty ball bearings and the hardened heel rollers bear the horizontal load.
  • Low profile, open design for increased operator visibility.
  • Minimal attachment thickness maximizes lift truck capacity.
  • Faster load handling for increased productivity.
  • Uses standard ITA forks.
  • Smooth sideshifting action with heavy loads, even in harsh applications.