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Knuckleboom Crane

drawing of Knuckleboom Crane
drawing of Knuckleboom Crane

A versatile crane with the ability to work in tight spaces, the Allied Marine Knuckleboom crane is a perfect solution for a number of applications. Combine a Knuckleboom crane with our Active Heave Compensation, and you can safely perform vital work on subsea operations and maintenance. Constant tension winches allow you to reduce slack and keep your wire rope taut at sea. Horizontal storage requires less deck space and makes for a compact resting stance. K cranes have shown how effective they can be on research vessels, conducting experiments and handling operating equipment.


  • 2 Roller Bearing Sheaves
  • Swivel Hook and Safety Latch
  • 3 Part Marine Coating System
  • Gravity Boom Angle Indicator
  • One Piece Tubular Construction Pedestal
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Electric Motor
  • Built in Drip Pan and Return Filter
  • Open Turret Design
  • Spring Applied Automatic Brakes (Swing)
  • 360° Continuous Rotation
  • Heavy Duty Marine Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Load Hold Valves
  • Crane Mounted or Remote Power Pack


  • Explosion Proof
  • Cold Weather Steel
  • Cab Air Conditioning and Heater
  • Heave Compensation
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder Rods
  • ABS Certification
  • API-2C Monogram
  • Load Indicator
  • Flood Lights
  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tank


Model Capacity
K 5-25 5,000 lb @ 10 ft
K 10-45 10,000 lb @ 20 ft
K 12-65 12,000 lb @ 10 ft & 30 ft
K 15-45 11,200 lb @ 45 ft
K 20-40 20,000 lb @ 10 ft
K 40-55 38,000 lb @ 38 ft

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Please contact us for details.

Knuckleboom Applications

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