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Hydraulic Power Unit - Electric

Allied HPUs provide a fully flooded suction inlet for various pump configurations. Allied's all-stainless steel construction resists harsh environments. Stainless steel covers and fittings minimize corrosion and increase durability. Allied's HPUs are provided as complete modules and are available with various flow rates and motor sizes to suit your specific needs. Electric HPUs have a power range from 15 to 300 HP.


  • Return Filter
  • Suction Strainer
  • Sight Glass
  • Pressurized Breather
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Leak-Proof Elastomeric Seals


  • Tank Heater
  • Electrical Soft Starter
  • Hydraulic Soft Starter
  • Filter Cart Quick Connects
  • Air/Oil Hydraulic Cooler
  • Titanium Sea Water Hydraulic Cooler
  • Pressure Filter
  • Sight Glass with ABS approved shut off handles
  • Desicant Breather


Model Horsepower
HP [kW]
CPE15 15 [11.2]
CPE25 25 [18.6]
CPE50 50 [37.3]
CPE75 75 [55.9]
CPE100 100 [74.6]
CPE125 125 [93.2]
CPE150 150 [111.9]
CPE250 250 [186.4]

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Please contact us for details.

Electric HPU Applications

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