Freeman Water Extractors

Extract liquid from corn silage and more.
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Freeman 3-tie Baler

The Freeman 3-tie balers are designed for higher capacity by increasing the power each plunger stroke delivers. Learn more »

Freeman 2-tie baler

The smaller, lighter, and reliable Freeman 2-tie Balers come in driveline and hydraulic options to suit any of your baling operation needs. Learn more »

Freeman Bale Wagon

The Freeman 7000 Automatic Bale Wagon stacks industry standard, weather resistant, stand-alone block stacks that hay buyers prefer, taking the work and worry out of stacking hay. Learn more »

Freeman Self-propelled Baler

Freeman Self-Propelled Balers are an innovative step forward in the hay baling industry, with a spacious cab, powerful engine, great working visibility and rugged reliability. Learn more »

Freeman Water Extractor

Freeman water extractors are the quick and efficient way to extract water from food processing waste, pulp slurries, and other waste products that contain excess liquid. Learn more »

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Freeman hay balers are ready for the most demanding baling jobs of all sizes across the world. Freeman's hay baler line includes the smaller and lighter 2-Tie Side Feed Balers, to the larger and heavier 3-Tie Side Feed Balers, as well as the Freeman Self Propelled Baler and Bale Wagons. Freeman offers two models of Water Extractors(WE-5/WE-4) that use hydraulic pressure to quickly and efficiently extract liquid from fibrous products such as corn silage, carrot peelings, onion waste, biomass, paper pulp and more. Freeman's durable and rugged frame is able to take on the most demanding farming, agriculture and industrial processing jobs on your production schedule each year.


2-Tie Side Feed Balers

Smaller, lighter, reliably uniform bales, easily adapted in size and density to suit your operation.

2-tie side feed baler

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3-Tie Side Feed Balers

Larger, heavier, reliably uniform bales, easily adapted in size and density to suit your operation.

3-tie side feed baler

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Self-Propelled Balers

The Freeman Self Propelled Baler is an innovative hay baler based on the rugged and dependable side feed baler.

self-propelled baler

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Bale Wagon

The Freeman 7000 Pull Type Bale Wagon will pick up complete loads and be ready for another load in as little as 5 minutes.

7000 Pull Type Bale Wagon

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Water Extractors

Freeman water extractors extract water from food processor's waste products, pulp slurries, and other waste products that contain excess liquid.

Freeman Water Extractor

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Big Baler(1592)

The versatile 1592 can bale up to 45 tons per hour, and take on your toughest jobs of baling, including biomass, alfalfa, straw, coastal Bermuda, Sudan, haylage, or cornstalks.

Freeman 1592 Big Baler

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Field Service

Freeman baler service representatives stand ready to provide technical support or training as needed, by phone, at our factory, or at your location anywhere in the world. Nobody knows Freeman balers better than the company that built it.

Service Parts

Rely on Freeman to supply the genuine parts and kits your baler needs to run day in and day out. Freeman is the only source for genuine maintenance kits and service parts developed specifically for your baler.


Don't try to sell that old baler as-is, with no warranty. Send it back to the Freeman factory to be rebuilt and restored to its original specifications


370 Side Feed Baler

370 Side Feed Baler - 370 Side Feed Baler video

Feed House in Action

feed house in action thumbnail - Feed house in Action video
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Our History

In October 2004, Allied Systems Company acquired the Freeman line of hay baling and hay handling equipment from J.A. Freeman and Son, Inc. The products acquired by Allied Systems include Freeman Pull Type Balers (side feed and in-line), Big Balers, Bale Wagons, Big Bale Roadsiders (stackers), and Self Propelled Balers.

Established in 1889, Freeman balers and equipment are currently manufactured and distributed throughout the world to the farming and agricultural industry on six continents. They are widely known for their exceptional reliability, ruggedness, and easy maintenance. The Freeman product lines also include specialized de-watering and baling equipment for the pulp and food processing industries.