Water Extractor

Water Extractor Models: WE-5 / WE-4

Water Extractor Models: WE-5 / WE-4 / WE-3

Freeman water extractors are the quick and efficient way to extract water from food processing waste (corn silage, carrot peelings, onion waste...) pulp slurries, and other waste products that contain excess liquid. The steady hydraulic pressure forces moisture out of weep holes in the long extrusion chamber. The top feed incorporates an electronic level sensor which, when it detects a full feed charge, cycles the plunger to allow material to flow to the chamber, then continuously exerts pressure on the load, removing the excess liquid. This is a continuous process which requires no labor.

Features (WE-4)

Features WE-4  
Chamber Size:   24" x 24"
Platen Force:    39,800 lbs
Motor:    240/440, 40 HP
Approximate Capacity @ 8 strokes/minute:    3600 ft^3/hr

Features (WE-5)

Features WE-5  
Chamber Size:   40" x 32"
Platen Force:    84,800 lbs
Motor:    240/440, 75 HP
Approximate Capacity @ 8 strokes/minute:    8160 ft^3/hr

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