Allied Marine Crane Outfits Research Vessel Sikuliaq with Innovative A-Frame

Sherwood, OR - "We expect the A-Frame to do everything we designed it to do - we came up with a great product" claims Mark Chryss, Port Engineer for the Seward Marine Center. Recently installed aboard the R/V Sikuliaq, Allied Marine Crane's innovatively redesigned A-Frame crane drastically improves the safety and capability of the marine research industry, and has been drawing interest from around the world.

Allied Marine Crane - a division of Allied Systems Company - has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality cranes, davits and handling systems for nearly 40 years. The recent incorporation of proprietary technology has allowed for the development of an A-Frame whose cross beam rotates freely as it deploys, guaranteeing the load and lighting are properly oriented throughout the entire range of motion. "Allied Systems Company should look into providing this same articulating cross beam for other solutions - the transfer of the load really is much smoother" Mark continues to emphasize. The Allied A-Frame also possesses a unique maintenance pin design that creates an additional degree of freedom to provide an unprecedented 172 degree range of motion. The innovation continues into the details of the machine with rope pass-throughs for tugger winches that maximize the operating envelope of the A-Frame and available electrical outlets at the cross-beam for ease of powering equipment.

Allied Marine Crane prides itself in providing the industry's premiere specialized heavy lift equipment and is continually investing heavily into new developments.

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