Long Reach CPR Paper Roll Clamp Long Reach CPR Paper Roll Clamp
KPR Paper Roll Clamp

Long Reach KPR paper roll clamps have specific solutions for kraft paper handling applications from the pulp mill to the printing press.

Perfect for a variety of paper types: newsprint, tissues, uncoated form and printing stocks, packaging, gypsum wallboard facing and more.

The clamp's effective thickness is reduced with up-front hydraulics that allow for easy access to the components while the clamp is still attached to the truck. Put productivity up front with a Long Reach paper roll clamp.

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Long Reach KPR Paper Roll Clamp
Long Reach KPR Paper Roll Clamp
Long Reach KPR Paper Roll Clamp
  • Paper mills
  • Printers
  • General warehousing
  • Delicate Paper Rolls
  • Thin arm profile protects adjacent rolls from damage
  • Greater distance between the arms maximizes driver visibility
  • Minimal attachment thickness to maximize lift truck capacity
  • Heavy duty, flush-mounted rotator provides long service life
  • Superior arm strength without unnecessary weight and lost load
  • Easy access up front hydraulics
  • Large diameter pivot pins stand up to roll handling forces
  • Fixed or positional short arm options
  • Sure grip contact pads protect roll from costly imprints