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Wagner Chipdozers out produce all other chip handling machines. The "Carry & Doze" concept effectively doubles production over a straight blade machine or front loader bucket because it will carry a load equal to the amount being dozed in front of the bucket. This concept allows the Wagner to out-produce larger, heavier, higher horsepower machines at a much lower overall operating cost. Designed and built specifically for wood chip handling, 2 model sizes offer many unique features that make these machines the most productive and cost effective available.

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Features Advantages

For detailed information and current models, please read the Chipdozer Brochure:

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Some key advantages of the Chipdozer include:

  • Bucket sizes with capacities ranging from 40 to 100 yards
  • 360 Hp or 450/525 Hp models, Caterpillar or Cummins electronic engines
  • 4-wheel drive, 4-speed power shift transmission
  • Double oscillating chassis with center hinge bearing
  • Bucket dumps 12 feet ahead ahead of axle for maximum safety
  • Easy access for power train and cooling systems
  • Hydraulic wet disc brakes
  • Vehicle Monitoring System

Model Max Horsepower
hp [kW]
Bucket Push & Doze Capacity
cu/yd [cu/m]
Bucket Lift & Carry Capacity
cu/yd [cu/m]
Operating Weight
lbs [kg]
CHD40 335
CHD60 400
CHD100 535
[42, 358]
CHD100 (Export) 525
[42, 358]
Values in this table are approximate.
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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