Allied, The Winch of Choice

WH400 Winches

This video shows how a logger in Idaho installed two Allied WH411Y hydraulic winches on a Caterpillar excavator to turn it into a cost-effective yarding machine. The Allied WH400 winches originally used on log skidders like Caterpillar, Timberjack, Tigercat and Clark/Ranger come with wider drum for more wire rope capacity.... Logs are winched uphill half suspended to minimize ground dragging and soil disturbance, a true low impact logging yarder. The unique freespool design sends the carriage downhill by gravity only. No fuel to burn. No hydraulic oil to pump. The logs are then winched in under power. This cuts fuel consumption and reduce engine and pump wear during half of the work cycle. An increasing number of these winches have since been installed on Hitachi, and other brands of excavators. Single winch can be used for selective logging.