Coal Carrydozers

Like Wagner's flagship Woodchip Handling Carrydozers, the Wagner Coal Carrydozer provides maximum productivity with optimum safety. With coveted features like an oscillating rear axle, true side tilt on the centerline of the machine, heavy duty double reduction planetary axles with wet brakes, selectable automatic transmission, and far greater compaction than a track machine, the Wagner Coal Dozer is a coal handling workhorse. And with buckets that dump nearly 13 feet ahead of the front axle, operators remain at a safe distance from the edge of the pile.


Oscillating Front Frame

Bucket Side-Tilt

Force-Cooled Wet-Disc Brakes

Easy Access Cooler Bays

Selectable Automatic Transmission

Walk-Around Platform


Better Fuel Economy

Bucket dumps 13 feet ahead ahead of axle for maximum safety

Easy access to power train and cooling systems

More Capacity for Dollar Spent

Higher Percentage of Available Horsepower Used to Push Coal


Tier 4 Final Engine without DPF or Regeneration

Remote Monitoring

Auto Lubrication System

Trainer's Seat

Fire Suppression System

And Many More

Model Max Horsepower
hp [kW]
Bucket Push & Doze Capacity
cu/yd [cu/m]
Bucket Lift & Carry Capacity
cu/yd [cu/m]
Operating Weight
lbs [kg]
CD600 360
CD1000 525
Values in this table are approximate.
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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