October 19, 2004

Allied Marine Crane Assists US Missile Defense Agency in Implementing Sea-Based X-Band Radar Operations

Allied Systems Company delivered the DTH 300-100/20 Crane, a 100-foot fixed length boom crane with hoist capabilities of 60,000 lbs, to the AMFELS, Inc. shipyards in July 2004, in conjunction with the United States Missile Defense Agency’s Sea-Based X-Band Radar project.

Allied Systems Company’s DTH 300-100/20 crane will be installed on the Sea-Based X-Band Radar platform (SBX), comprised of a large X-Band radar mounted on a modified fifth-generation semi-submersible platform. It is designed to track, discriminate, and assess incoming target missiles without the limitations of a fixed location unit based on land.

The DTH 300-100/20 crane is a 100-foot fixed length boom crane with a 20-foot swing-out jib. The crane is rated for 60,000 lbs at 90 feet and 5,000 lbs at 120 feet. The crane’s main hoist is rated for 60,000 lbs with 4-part line producing a hook speed of 90 fpm. The auxiliary hoist is rated for 5,000 lbs with 1-part line producing a hook speed of 120 fpm.

The crane’s electronically controlled heave compensation system is capable of up to 100 feet-per-minute. The main hoist maintains a minimum radius of 15 feet, up to a maximum radius of 100 feet. Boom luffing speed provides maximum to minimum radius in at least 101 seconds. The DTH 300-100/20 is capable of 360 degrees of continuous slewing at 1 rpm. This specially designed crane features a totally enclosed/insulated operator’s cab, including electronic joystick crane controls, 12-volt power supply for VHF radio, heater, defroster fan, and air conditioning.

The SBX is the world’s first combination of advanced X-band radar and a state-of-the-art oceangoing, semi-submersible platform. Based on a fifth generation oil drilling platform, the SBX is a large twin hulled, self propelled vessel designed for exceptional stability in high winds and sea states equivalent to so-called “Hundred Year Storm” conditions. SBX will eventually be moved to its primary support base at Adak, Alaska, where it is scheduled to begin supporting MDA operations in 2005.

Allied Systems Company is an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of specialized heavy lift and material handling equipment. Founded in 1976 and located in Sherwood, Oregon, Allied Systems acquired its Marine Crane Division in 1978, which designs and manufactures specialized hydraulic box boom cranes for the military, petroleum and shipping industries, among others.

For more information about Allied Systems Company, please visit www.alliedsystems.com. For more information about Allied Systems Cranes, please contact Mike DiFabio by phone at 503-625-2560 or by e-mail at crane@alliedsystems.com.

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