Allied Introduces W12E Winch for Caterpillar 583 Pipelayers

July 2, 2001 — Allied Systems Company recently announced the introduction of the Allied W12E winch for Caterpillar 583 pipelayers. Rated at 120,000 pound pull capacity, this Allied W12E/583 winch was developed based on the W12E used on the D8R and D9R track-type tractors.

The winch, targeted for pipelayers, features more pulling power than the regular W12E model for other tractors. Like all Allied winches, this W12E is hydraulically controlled and mechanically driven by the tractor’s power take off shaft (PTO). It combines precise hydraulic control and 100 percent access to engine horsepower through the PTO for heavy pulling.

Other feature highlights of the W12E winch for Caterpillar 583 Pipelayer include:

The W12E/583 winch now joins the full line of Allied winches designed for mounting on D3C through D10R tractors. To view the winch specification sheet for Caterpillar tractors, click here. For more details and a price list, contact the Allied Systems Company marketing department.

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