November 2000 - Allied Systems Company Announces SOLAS Davit Approval

Allied Systems Company of Portland, Oregon, has recently received US Coast Guard approval No. 160.132/75/0 for their D-6000 Model Lifeboat/Rescue Boat Davit. They have also received USCG type approval No. 160.115/66/0 for their rescue boat hoisting winch.

Allied has supplied over 100 of the D-6000 Model electro-hydraulic slewing arm davits to various governmental agencies and is now offering the system for commercial installations. The D-6000 system is a complete package including davit/winch assembly with wire rope and approved release hook, hydraulic power unit and control console. All components are supplied on a common bedplate and require only 440 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz electrical supply.

Alliedís davit systems are available with SWL ratings up to 6,700 lbs. are designed to safely launch and recover the rescue boat with the primary vessel underway at up to 12 knots in seas up to state 5.

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