Allied Systems Company Acquires Lufkin Winch

February 22, 1999 - Allied Systems Company announced today that the company has reached a definitive agreement to acquire the Lufkin Winch product line from Lufkin Industries, Inc.

Allied is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Portland, Oregon. The company specializes in wood handling and heavy lifting products. Their product line includes Allied logging winches, Ranger skidders, forwarders, harvesters, Wagner log stackers, chip and coal dozers as well as specialized crane products.

Lufkin Industries based in Lufkin, Texas, produces machinery for the petroleum industry and large size industrial gears. In 1990, Lufkin acquired from Clark the skidder winches designed for the Clark Ranger skidders currently manufactured by Allied. Lufkin subsequently supplied the skidder winches to Caterpillar, Tigercat, Ranger, Supertrak and Muller skidders from Brazil.

This skidder winch acquisition is the fourth by Allied in recent years. Allied acquired the Hyster winch product line in 1990, followed shortly by the Ranger skidders in 1994 , and the Hanover forwarder and harvester in 1996.

"Acquiring this skidder winch product line is part of Alliedís overall strategy of expanding our commitment to the wood machinery industry," said Bill Chan, Alliedís Vice President. "The skidder winch addition will complement well with our existing tractor winch products."

The Allied tractor winches are primarily designed for track-type tractors for use in logging, pipelaying and construction applications, while the skidder winches are for wheel skidders.

Both the skidder and tractor winches will be managed by the Winch Division, independent of Alliedís other product divisions to retain winch customer focus, said Chan.

Allied intends to continue to supply the skidder winches to the various skidder manufacturers.

Allied will also increase its skidder winch parts inventory to provide responsive parts support to all brands of skidders equipped with Clark and Lufkin winches in the field.

The winch assets and parts inventory from Lufkin are expected to be transferred to Allied by April, 1999, and full production is expected by mid-1999.

For further details, feel free to contact Allied Systems.

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