Allied Systems Company Awarded United States Navy LPD-17 Crane Contract

May 1999 - Allied Systems Company has recently been awarded a contract from Avondale Shipyards, New Orleans, LA, to supply the Boat and Cargo handling crane for the US Navy's new class of Amphibious Assault Vessels, LPD-17. The initial award was for two shipsets, and it is expected that 12 vessels will be constructed with Avondale as lead-yard and Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, as follow-on builder. The contract is expected to extend to 2005.

Allied has also recently supplied a 25-ton Boat & Aircraft crane for the latest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, "Ronald Reagan" (CVN-76) currently under construction at Newport News Shipyard, Newport News, VA. The crane was delivered in June, 1999.

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