July 2, 2002

Allied Systems Acquires Long Reach Product Line

Allied Systems Company, an engineering and manufacturing company based in Portland, Oregon, announced today the acquisition of the forklift attachment product lines from Long Reach, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Allied has transferred the Long Reach products to its Portland manufacturing facilities for immediate production, starting with service parts to be followed by unit production in a couple of months. Allied was filling Long Reach parts orders virtually immediately after the acquisition.

The Long Reach product lines acquired by Allied include side shifts, fork positioners, paper roll clamps, carton clamps, lateral clamps, rotators, push pulls, pallet handlers, and special attachments such as forging clamps and concrete pipe clamps.

The Long Reach attachments have over 70 years of history serving specialized lift truck application markets with good experience in the steel, cotton, paper and industrial material handling applications. Allied has retained key Long Reach employees to maintain product expertise for continuity of the Long Reach business under Allied.

"Allied intends to continue distributing the products under the Long Reach brand name and through the existing Long Reach dealers," said Bill Chan, Senior Vice President of Allied.

Allied is a manufacturer of specialized material handling equipment that include marine cranes, Wagner log stackers and dozers, Ranger skidders, Lantec planetary winches, and Allied winches acquired from Hyster Company in 1990. Each of these product lines is a leader in its respective field and is distributed through its own independent dealer network.

"The Long Reach products fit into our business structure like a hand in a glove," Chan said, " Many of the existing Long Reach dealers are already our winch customers. Furthermore, a number of the Allied staff came with forklift experience when Allied acquired the winch product line from Hyster some years ago."

Allied built its success from quality engineering, responsive marketing and customer driven attitudes. This approach is evident from its user friendly website www.alliedsystems.com. Long Reach dealers will be able to download product information, check parts availability instantaneously and place orders on line for delivery within 24 hours. Allied may be contacted at marketing@alliedsystems.com, or write to us at:

Allied Systems Company
2300 Oregon St.
Sherwood, OR 97140-9799 USA
Phone: 503.625.2560
Fax: 503.625.7269

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