Allied to Manufacture LANTEC Hydraulic Winches

Portland, OR, December 20 2000 - Allied Systems Company announced today that it will manufacture a new line of hydraulic winches under license agreement with LANTEC IMAC Industries, Inc.

The addition of LANTEC-designed hydraulic winches will greatly extend Allied’s market presence from the logging winch applications to the crane and marine industries. This followed its recent acquisition of the skidder winches from Lufkin Industries.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Allied is a leading manufacturer of heavy lift and material handling equipment for the wood and marine crane industries. Their product lines include the mechanical logging winches acquired from Hyster in the early 1990s, skidder winches and Ranger log skidders of Clark origin, Wagner log stackers and chip dozers, steel transporters and marine cranes.

Allied recently acquired the right to build the standard line of hydraulic winches from LANTEC, based in Langley, British Columbia of Canada. It includes the standard models 200, 540 and 750 winches with a line pull capacity range of 14,000 lbs. (6,300 kg) to 136,000 lbs. ( 61,690 kg), as well as the planetary drives models D200, D540 and D750.

LANTEC is known for its modular planetary gear design. The fully hydraulic winches can be driven by any source of power. They are typically powered by engine or electric motor driven hydraulic pumps and may be located where desired without being tied to any mechanical drive train.

Allied’s existing winch product lines are primarily logging winches mounted on skidders and bulldozers and driven by the prime mover’s power take-off (PTO) shaft. Allied is one of the world’s largest logging winch manufacturers with supply arrangements for most of the major brands of bulldozers such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Case New Holland and Dresser. The winches are distributed through its worldwide network of heavy equipment dealers.

“The addition of hydraulically driven winches will open up new markets to us such as marine, industrial and crane industries,” said Bill Chan, senior vice president of Allied. “It will also complement our existing line of marine cranes.”

LANTEC general manger Jeff Morfitt also saw great opportunities in teaming up with Allied to significantly expand the scope of manufacturing and marketing of the LANTEC-designed hydraulic winches, especially to the overseas markets. “There is great synergism between our two companies,” he said.

Allied expects to start setting up the manufacturing processes for the hydraulic winches in early January, 2001, and be in full production in mid year.

In addition to marketing the new line of hydraulic winches under the Allied brand name through its existing distribution network, Allied will also be actively recruiting distributors in North America and in the international markets with good track records in marine, crane and construction industries to distribute this new line of winches.

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