May 17, 2002

Allied Systems Company awarded SBIR Grant to develop design for lightweight, fully automated handling system for launch and recovery of offboard vehicles.

The Department of Defense has awarded a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract to Allied Systems Company of Sherwood, Oregon to develop a fully automated handling system for Remote Minehunting Systems (RMS) and small boats for current and future Navy ships.

Allied has formed a collaboration with Brooke Ocean Technology of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who will assist in the design of the device’s control system.

Allied/Brooke’s design will incorporate programmable systems automation and non-hydraulic motion-compensation and anti-pendulation devices. The design will also include the development of a “parking” mode to allow the handling arm to transfer the payload from the launch/recovery position to the deck stowage cradle by the initiation of a pre-programmed evolution, which will effectively reduce the manning requirement at the ship’s deck. This technology may also be shared with the research and oceanographic communities for handling of ROV’s, AUV’s and other manned and unmanned vessels.

After contract discussions with the Naval Sea Systems Command, Allied will begin the initial Phase I design.

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