CT Winch Rebuild Program

You rely on your Allied CT Winch to perform vital work. Allied constant tension winches should be replaced every five years to ensure safety. You have three options when it comes to replacing or repairing your current winch:

Available Kits

(Single Point Davits)

Description Kit PN

CT5 Winch Kit (D5700CT Davits)
51271 (New)
51271R (Rebuilt)

CT5 SOLAS Winch Kit (D6700FCTS Davits)
67261 (New)
67261R (Rebuilt)

CT7 SOLAS Winch Kit (D6700FCTS Davits)
67355 (New)
67355R (Rebuilt)

CT10 SOLAS Winch Kit (DC8600CTS Davits)
72981 (New)
72981R (Rebuilt)

CT10 SOLAS Winch Kit (D8800FCTS Davits)
67357 (New)
67357R (Rebuilt)

Available Kits

(Dual Point Davits, Davit Model DDP11000CTS)

Description Kit PN (New)

Left and Right Winches Kit

Left Winch Kit

Right Winch Kit

Winch Clutch/Drivelines Kit