Winch Service Kits Make Periodic Service Easy

As a winch owner, you know very well that keeping your winch in top working order is vital to your business. Allied Systems now has some new tools to help you perform the periodic maintenance that is so important.

Starting now, all new Allied winches will be equipped with a decal clearly spelling out the recommended service intervals. Allied is also developing spare parts kits for each of the service intervals. Remember, winches need regular maintenance just like the tractor does.

Winch Decal

For winch units already in the field, we are in the process of creating Parts Marketing Bulletins that contain the recommended service intervals. Each service kit is available as a single part number.

Currently, we have kits for WINCH models W6F, W6G, W8L, and W12E with kits for other models to follow. Contact your dealer for details. Click here for the dealer locator.