Allied Systems Provides Quick, Complete Response in Aiding Rebuild for Wagner L100F Logstacker

In June of 2011, Chugoku Lumber, of Japan, had an incident that caused their Wagner Logstacker, model L100F, to burn and break down. They immediately placed an order with Allied Systems for replacement parts that would allow them to rebuild their machine. Upon receiving the order from Chugoku, Allied Systems sent a field service representative to inspect the machine and make recommendations. The service department reviewed the requested part numbers and changed the order, saving Chugoku both time and money. The Service Parts Department changed the original order, which included piece parts, to complete assemblies, allowing easier installation for Chugoku.

In addition to easing the ordering and installation processes for Chugoku, Allied Systems also offered a discount off Chugoku's standard pricing. The entire process, from quoting to shipping, took a mere six months, minimizing down time and allowing Chugoku Lumber to get back to work at full capacity.