The Komatsu dozer is found worldwide, and Allied is there to supply winches for the core of the Komatsu dozer line, from D31 to D275. Allied works closely with Komatsu Engineering teams to optimize winch performance.

Allied winches are available for the following Komatsu models.

Komatsu Model Allied Winch Model
D31-23 H4A
D37-23 H4A
D39-23 H4A
D51X-22 H5C
D61X-12 W5C
D61X-15 W5C
D61X-23 H6H
D65X-15 W6G
D65X-16 H6H
D65X-17 H6H
D65X-18 H6H
D85E-SS-2 W8L
D85X-15 W8L, H8L
D85X-18 H8L
D155AX-7 H12E
D155AX-8 H12E
D275AX-5 H12E

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