As more and more of the best locations for a host of activities are either depleted or converted to other uses, developers need to look into more remote places to continue expanding roadways and other infrastructure, extracting resources and siting communications towers. As a result, vehicles are venturing into ever more diffcult zones and finding themselves immobilized more frequently. The towing winch is being used more and more to help get stuck vehicles moving again.

The great virtue of the towing winch in retrieval applications is that it can develop line pull well above what the crawler dozer can develop under its own power. If the crawler can be prevented from sliding, then the winch becomes an even greater asset in applying huge pulling forces to help get vehicles moving again.

For crawlers with a PTO driven by torque converter, the torque multiplication is normally sufficient to allow the PTO-driven winch to generate line pull exceeding the breaking strength of the largest approved wire diameter throughout the entire pulling range, whether the load is distant or close to the winch. This is especially important on the largest crawler dozers where high line pull is always expected. A hydraulically powered winch can't reach the same high line pulls on these crawler dozers. Crawlers from Caterpillar and Dressta offer a torque converter driven PTO in the upper end of their size range.

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