Oil and Gas

The modern world depends on a steady flow of energy. Petroleum-based fuels are an essential component. Recent developments of new technologies for extracting crude oil and natural gas such as hydraulic fracturing have spurred the demand for towing winches. New wells are being introduced at a rapid pace into areas not served by a road network, and the fracturing process requires large quantities of water. As a result, maintaining mobility of vehicles at well sites often depends on a winch tractor to keep heavily loaded tractors moving across difficult terrain.

Allied offers both PTO-driven and hydraulically driven towing winches ideally suited to the requirements of the oil and gas industry. The winches deliver both high line pull and precise line speed control to handle a wide range of winching requirements, from pulling loaded vehicles to precisely spotting a pumphouse on a skid. The robust construction proven over years in other demanding applications ensures that the winches keep working day after day with minimal downtime.

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