Everything about mining says "big," especially when it comes to equipment. Mining tends to displace a lot of material in its quest for the essential minerals that are hidden within. Mines are also characterized by their remoteness, their difficult access, and the hardships that the minerals impose on the mining equipment. The towing winch has proven to be a valuable asset for helping keep mining operations moving despite the physical challenges. The more obvious uses are for helping heavy haul vehicles up steep access lanes, getting vehicles across soft terrain, and securing other vehicles when working up and down steep slopes. Less traditional uses for winches in the mine site are for relocating conveyer lines and stackers by pulling instead of dismantling, repositioning heavy pump skids in slurry mining, moving heavy rollers up and down coal piles to stabilize the slope, and positioning slurry pipe that is relocated frequently.

Allied is the only winch manufacturer to offer a choice of PTO-driven winch or hydraulic winch for the large crawler dozers from Caterpillar and Dressta. The PTO-driven winch offers the highest peak line pull in the industry, and it has the fastest line speed under load. The corresponding hydraulic winches are built with the same frame and gear train as their PTO-driven counterparts, a design that has been proven over decades.

The larger Allied winches have an optional extreme-duty drum seal that allows the winch to operate in submerged conditions. Ore-laden water that gets inside a winch tends to be extremely damaging to its gear train. Keeping water out is a simple but highly effective way to extend the winch life.

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