Forestry (Wheel Skidder)

The rubber-tired skidder was one of the great technological advances in mechanized log skidding in the 50s and 60s. The wheeled carrier proved to be faster, more nimble and more fuel-efficient than its tracked counterpart. But it still needed a reliable winch to earn its keep. One of the best skidder winches ever created came from Clark Industries. The Clark winch, later part of Lufkin, became the Allied W400 winch in 2000.

The defining advantage of the W400 winch is its ability to engage and disengage the freespool clutch under load. This leads to significant productivity gains for high-yield operations, allowing operators to drop their loads on-the-fly as they enter the landing.

Originally driven by PTO, the W400 winch now can be powered hydraulically as well. Later enhancements have extended the classic design for use in excavator-based yarder systems.

For skidders needing higher line pull or greater line capacity, Allied has developed more tailored solutions to meet specific requirements.

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