Forestry (Excavator)

Excavator-based logging is a natural progression of technology from horse to crawler to skidder and now to excavator as a method of moving logs from where they are cut to where they are loaded onto a truck. As the most favorable logging sites are logged off and replaced with other uses, loggers are now finding ways to extract logs from terrain that would be impossible with earlier technologies. The WH411Y yarder winch is being used with an excavator as a highly mobile and lower-cost alternative to a tower yarder system.

The WH411Y yarder winch offers the key advantage of a freespool clutch that can be engaged or disengaged under load and while in motion. In a two-winch system with skyline and mainline, the winch can raise a carriage loaded with logs uphill to the landing, then return the carriage by gravity down the slope and stop it at any point by engaging the freespool clutch. Powering only half the cycle leads to significant reductions in excavator fuel consumption.

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