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Hyster WinchHyster Winch
Hyster winches on Cat models D7N and D4, prior to 1948. Source: Hyster Reference Book, Portland, Oregon, 1948.

The Hyster winch has been a fixture in the logging and oil and gas industries for years. But where is that winch today? How do I find spare parts? And what does it have to do with Allied Systems? Here’s a brief history on these frequently asked questions.

Hyster Company was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1929 by Ernie Swigert. Their main product at that time, and for some 20 years, was the Hyster winch, originally designed for mounting on the Caterpillar Model Sixty crawler tractor. The original use for the winch was for logging—skidding logs out of the forest to a landing for loading onto a truck.

The Hyster winch was mounted exclusively on Caterpillar tractors up until the 1970s. At that time, Hyster expanded its coverage from Caterpillar to include John Deere, Case, Dresser, Fiat-Hitachi, and Komatsu tractors.

Allied Systems Company, also based in the Portland area, has been a manufacturer of material handling equipment since 1976. Product lines also include the Wagner log stacker and chip dozer, Long Reach lift truck attachments, Freeman hay baler and Allied Marine Crane.

In 1990 Allied acquired the winch product line from Hyster to expand its participation in the wood industry. Allied acquired the winch manufacturing machinery and engineering designs, and hired the key personnel. Winch production started immediately under the Allied banner.

Allied has been keeping pace with the technological changes in the crawler dozer. Over the past 10 years, hydraulic winches have become much more prominent. The Allied H4A, H5C and H6G hydraulic winches address these new requirements while maintaining the legendary performance you expect in Hyster and Allied winches.

Although the name has changed, the design, the winch models and the relentless pursuit of quality have not. You can count on Allied to continue building the world’s toughest, most durable towing winch. And you can count on us to get you the parts you need, whether for a 40-year-old Hyster winch or the current Allied winch.

Download at no charge all the parts manuals, no matter how old that Hyster or Allied winch is, from direct-drive models with dry brake to the latest electronic-controlled version. Our website is

Hyster is a trademark of Hyster Company.

Current generation Allied H6G hydraulic winch, used on Caterpillar, Komatsu, and John Deere dozers.


Hyster Winch
Hyster winch and fairlead cruiser at work in the vast fir forests of the Pacific Northwest in the 1930s. Source: The Simplicity of Logging with “Caterpillar” and “Hyster” Units, Hyster Company brochure, 1935.












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