Unsurpassed visibility
Rugged design without added weight
Optional hydraulic accumulator available
All models include platens

Long Reach Push/Pulls & Load Push

  • Rugged high-strength steel construction, controlled hydraulics and a hydraulic accumulator protect the unit and load in even the most severe ramming and packing operations
  • Offers smooth, fast operation using the patented Long Reach yoke/cylinder design
  • Excellent visibility lowest profile in the industry coupled with an open-face push plate provides an unobstructed view during all operations
  • Quick-change mounting hooks and quick-disconnect couplings available on most models
  • Coors Push/Pull:
    • Replaceable rubber on gripper bar permits positive gripping with less wear on slip sheet
    • Full-tilting push plate ensures full-face contact with the load—tray damage is virtually eliminated
    • Separate sideshift carriage available
    • Manual stops allow precise stopping of push plate when handling shorter loads

For additional specifications:

Push/Pulls Spec

Load Push Spec

Coors Push/Pulls Spec

Fork Mount Push/Pulls Spec

Installation, Maintenance And Service Manual: LCC



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