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Davit Models


All Allied single point D-designated davit systems are low maintenance designs, requiring less upkeep while giving excellent performance.

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Cradle-style davits are perfect for tight spaces. Our unit, with HPU included, is completely contained within its own frame, requiring less room on your deck.

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All new DX Series Davits are perfect for the commercial market. With a lightweight and ultra-compact design, the DX Series Davits are designed to fit within tight deck envelopes.

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The new Dual Point davit has two lift points to yield more stability during launch and recovery operations. The self-contained design, including HPU, saves space on deck.

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When it comes to rescue and boat deployment you can count on Allied Davits to meet critical moments head on. We offer both single point and dual point options.

Standard Cranes

Standard Crane Models

Double-Tapered Boom Crane

Lower your crane maintenance costs with a Double Tapered Boom crane from Allied Marine Crane. A sealed box boom gives you high capacity with low maintenance.

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Telescopic Boom Crane

The perfect solution for applications that require reach and compact storage, the Telescopic Boom crane is available with two to four box boom sections.

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Save space and still handle the most challenging jobs with the Knuckleboom crane. Flexible enough to maneuver into hard-to-reach locations.

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Telescopic Knuckleboom Crane

The Telescopic Knuckleboom crane combines the advantages of the Knuckleboom and Telescopic Boom cranes. Extend your reach and get into tight areas.

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Made in the USA, Allied Marine Cranes are available with stainless steel HPU units, minimizing corrosion and maintenance.

Specialized Cranes

Specialized Crane Models


Our portable crane models can be moved around the deck to handle the widest variety of applications.

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Perfect for working on multiple job sites, and built to take the punishment, this custom land-based crane is made to be mounted on mobile equipment.

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Allied Crane works with you to create solutions that meets your needs. From mobile to custom crane builds, our team will help you get the job done.

Handeling Arms

Arm Models

CTD Handlers

Used on research vessels to handle conductivity, temperature and depth measuring equipment, the CTD/Side Handling crane can also lower ROVs for subsea exploration.

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Long Core Hanlders

Used on research vessels to handle long core samples. Handling the long cores is no simple task, but equipment from Allied Marine Crane makes it easy.

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Allied Crane Handling arms are used in various research applications. From long core research, to handling measuring equipment, our handlers have helped researchers get closer to finding new discoveries.


A-Frame Models

Portable A-Frames

The Portable A-Frame with HPU has all the functions of the Fixed A-frame, and can be stored and transported as needed. The HPU is contained on the base, efficiently using deck space while allowing for flexible use.

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Fixed A-Frames

Common on research vessels, The Fixed A-Frame can be located on the stern. With a capacity of 30,000 lbs. or 40,000 lbs., it can handle ROVs and other equipment.

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Allied A-frames are designed to perform a broad range of operations, such as offshore load handling, cargo handling and ROV handling. We offer both fixed and portable options.

Crane Winches

Winch Models

CT(Constant Tension) Winch

Allied Marine Crane Constant Tension winches lead the industry with robust design, smooth operation and best-in-class reliability.

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AH Allied ABS (Cold Weather)

Allied AH winches meet stringent ABS requirements for personnel handling in cold weather applications.

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PD (Braden Planetary) Winch

The Braden PD Series planetary winch is a high performance product designed to provide many years of service.

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CH (Braden Planetary) Winch

The Braden CH Series planetary winch is a high performance product designed to provide many years of service.

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Need to add or replace the winch on your crane? No problem, Allied Crane offers various winch models to fit your winch needs.

Hydraulic Power Units

Power Unit Models

Electric HPU

Allied electric hydraulic power units are designed for longevity in severe marine environments. Mounted in or on the pedestal, or remotely on a skid, this self-contained unit is engineered for the most efficient use of your deck space.

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Diesel HPU

Diesel HPUs can be mounted on the rotating turret or remotely on a skid. Units are self-contained and designed to utilize your deck space efficiently. All HPUs come with stainless steel covers and fittings to minimize corrosion and increase durability.

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Allied Marine Cranes are available with stainless steel HPU units, minimizing corrosion and maintenance. We offer both electrical and diesel options.