Long Core Handling

Allied Marine Crane is the world leader for providing solutions to research vessels handling long core samples, the hallmark of marine geology research. Handling the long cores is no simple task, but equipment from Allied Marine Crane makes it easy.

Each research vessel is unique, and requires a custom solution. Allied Marine Crane engineers develop solutions that fit the target vessel like a glove.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) ordered handling equipment from Allied Marine Crane to reestablish their long core program, dormant for over a decade. Today, the RV Knorr travels the world's seas, conducting vital research. Click here to see the video of the RV Knorr using Allied Marine Crane equipment.

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How it Works

<strong>Step 1</strong>. The core is transitioned from horizontal to vertical, and the launch lines are retrieved. <strong>Step 2</strong>. The core is swung to the center stern of the vessel. <strong>Step 3</strong>. The release module is attached. The long core is attached to a heavy duty winch to lower to the seafloor. <strong>Step 4</strong>. Core is lowered to the seafloor. When the release command is sent, the core falls freely and penetrates the soft sea bed. The winch breaks the barrel free, and returns it to the surface. <strong>Step 5</strong>. The release module is separated from the core. <strong>Step 6</strong>. The core handler is swung into position to capture the core. The core head is hauled up into the core handler. <strong>Step 7</strong>. Core is swung back to starboard. Three recovery clamps are suspended into position. Synchronized davits retrieve the core to horizontal. The core is brought onboard and the samples are extruded.