Designed to handle 55-gallon steel drums
Rubber covered non-slip pads
2-drum model handles 1 or 2 drums
4-drum model handles 2 or 4 drums

Long Reach Drum Handling Clamps

  • Drum clamps available in 2-drum (side-by-side) and 4-drum (side-by-side, two deep) configurations
  • Easily carries and dumps drums without risk of manual handling or exposure to product
  • Slip-on rubber-covered no-slip pads ensure a firm grip and quickly convert to standard fork clamp to handle drums
  • Available in rotating and non-rotating models
  • All hoses, valves and fittings can be serviced from the front of the truck
  • "Repair-In-Place" Serviceability means no-lube polymer wear strips can be replaced in just minutes; lubrication of the slides is not required
  • Different drum clamp models available for handling steel, fiber and plastic drums
  • Models available to carry up to 4 drums at a time
  • Rotating models are capable of carrying and dumping
  • Slip-on forward drum dumper quickly converts non-rotating fork clamp to hydraulic drum dumping capability

For additional specifications:

Drum Handler Spec

Installation, Maintenance And Service Manual: LCS


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