Thin-arm profile along the entire arm allows ease of entry
For tight breakout situations; ideal for handling appliances
Clean, grease-free handling; Repair-in-Place serviceability
Sideshift improves productivity
LongReach Articulating Arm Carton Clamp

For applications where a thin arm is of the utmost concern, the Long Reach Articulating Arm Carton Clamp is the most cost-effective solution. With a tip thickness of only 0.6" (15 mm) and a maximum arm thickness of only 2.9" (74 mm), it is ideal for knifing in between closely stacked loads. As shown in the photo, these clamps are often used for handling appliances and other cased product such as tissue and paper products.

Sideshifting is standard (integral) on all models to improve driver productivity and ease of use. For example, if a driver misjudges his approach to a load, he can easily sideshift the arms into the correct position without moving the truck.

The Articulating Arm Carton Clamp is available in capacities from 2,500 to 3,500 lbs (1140 to 1590 kg) at various load centers and arm sizes up to 54 x 48" (1370 to 1220 mm). Standard opening ranges are 19 to 65" (485 to 1650 mm) and 22 to 76" (560 to1930 mm). For custom arm sizes or opening ranges, please contact us.

Like the Adjust-A-Force, the Articulating Arm Carton Clamp is based on the popular, patented Long Reach Repair-in-Place body. This body design uses UHMW polymer wearstrips which do not require grease and are easily serviced in just 30 minutes. No grease means less maintenance and less chances for product contamination.

For additional specifications:

Articulating Carton Clamp Spec

Installation, Maintenance And Service Manual: LCC



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