Freeman Self-Propelled Big Baler

1,000,000 bales through your baler – why not?

The Freeman 1592 large square baler is the only baler on the market that is capable of producing in excess of one million bales in its lifetime. Combine that longevity with a plunger that is hydraulically driven and electronically controlled, and you have a baler ideal for self-propelled use.

The Freeman 1592SP can be fitted with a cutting head for single pass baling of dead, standing material such as wheat straw or miscanthus, or you can attach a rake system to the front of the baler so that cut and dried material can be windrowed and baled in a single pass. The Freeman 1592SP can also bale just like the conventional pull type balers by easily removing the front attachments.

The versatility of the Freeman 1592 large square baler is unparalleled! Click here to request additional information.

Length: 29'-7" / 35'-0" (Accumulator up / down)
Width: 13'-6"
Height: 11'-8"
Weight: 43,000 lbs
Engine:  9.0 L, 375 HP Diesel
Transmission:  Two (2) Saur Danfoss 90 Series Pumps
Drive:  Four Wheel Drive
Steering:  Four Wheel Steer
Fuel Capacity:  210 Gallons
Front Mounts Accept:  MacDon
   "FD" and "D" Series Draper Heads
   Vermeer 2800 Rakes
Bale Accumulator:  Auto Mode - 1, 2 or 3 Bales
Twine Capacity:  36 Jumbo Balls (5,500 ft/ball)
Convienence:  3 Cameras (Pickup, Accumulator, Knotter)
   Bale Scale
   Moisture Meter