Freeman Pull Type Bale Wagon

The Freeman 7000 Automatic Bale Wagon stacks the industry standard block stack that hay buyers prefer. These weather resistant blocks stack with operator selected, tie-tier patterns and will stand alone without any support for worry-free transport and storage.

The automatic loading system is simple to operate. The building of a Freeman block stack is controlled by an electronic bale control system at each tier level throughout the stacking process.

Changing between 3-tie and 2-tie bales is quick and easy, just flip a switch on the main control box and move two brackets. In ten minutes or less, you have changed bale sizes.

Take the work and worry out of stacking hay with the Freeman 7000 Bale Wagon.

For more information, take a look at the 7000 brochure. Or, click here to request additional information.

Length: 22'-6"
Width: 13'-6"
Height: 13'-0"
Weight: 10,200 lbs
Tractor Requirements:  50 HP, 540 rpm PTO, 12VDC
Hydraulic System:  Self-contained, operated by tractor PTO
STACK SIZE, 45-48" (114-122 cm) Bale Length Required:
Height:  UP to 9'-4" (2.84 m)
Width:  8' x 8' (2.44 m x 2.44 m)
15" or 16" X 22" 3-Tie Bales/Stack:  56
16" X 18" 2-Tie Bales/Stack:  67
16" X 18" 2-Tie Bales/Stack:  74
7000 Bale Wagon Capacity (140lb, 16" x 22" bale):
 Tons / Load:  3.92 tons (3,556 kg)
Avg Loads/Hr:   6
Avg Capacity / 10 Hr Day   3360 bales / 235 tons (213 metric tons)